Some of what Is Called End Time Prophecy Can Also Describe the Cross of Jesus Christ! Just How Much May Surprise You!



End Times          v.                  The Cross





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You will find this site very different from other sites and perspectives on end times.

You see, both Jesus Christ on the Cross, and what we call the Future End Times were future when Daniel and others wrote.

Sometimes in our futuristic expectations we get brainwashed into only seeing things one way.

This is because so many popularized end time speculations capture our minds, emotions and fantasies.

Plus, we are children who “live what we learn” — usually from preachers we listen to who love to preach on end times.

Open your heart to consider
what God is saying
in light of the finished work
of his Son Jesus!


Stone All the Bad Prophets!

This was the attitude of the Old Testament. Our modern-day future end time prophets must be glad they live in the New Testament. Why? It is because they are continually and constantly wrong. If they lived in the Old Testament, that standard would cause them to be stoned to death. We don’t do this today.

FIRST, PAST GENERATIONS. Every end times prophet the past 2,000 years has been wrong. Every 40-year generation thought they were part of ‘the terminal generation.’ They all believed the end times would occur in their lifetime. They were all wrong.


NEXT, OUR PRESENT GENERATION. The past 25 years have seen three major end time predictions, and others that claimed to be major:

(1) 88 reasons Jesus is coming back in 1988,

(2) Y2K of 2000,

(3) the Mayan calendar of 2012.

There have also been several more than these promoted by different ministries, but these were the major ones.

They have all been wrong!!! Everyone of them!!!


Aren’t We In An End Time Religious Rut? I’d say “Yes!”

Nothing predicted has come to pass. But undaunted, we are always quick to stand in line to buy any new prophetic predictions about the end time future events.

Shouldn’t we learn something from history? Or do we just continually live in a religious Disneyland? Could God be saying something we are missing in all of our end time fantasies? And this is exactly what every single one of them has been so far: FANTASIES! – 


Is End Times Only About A Time Still Future To Us?

Is end times only about a time still future to us? This is what every end time guru in the world would have us believe. But does God say something a little different? If you read Hebrews 1:2 and Hebrews 9:26, you see that in the Bible’s revelation, end times at least partially includes the time of the earthly ministry of Jesus. End times is NOT just a time that is still future to us today.

Thus the title of this site: End Times versus The Cross

The Two Great Strategies of Satan!

The two great strategies of Satan involve: (1) the past, (2) the future.



Satan keeps us focused on the past – beginning with the Old Covenant law, and getting us to try to live by a law that God himself has abandoned and abolished. Then he keeps us focused on past events in our lives that we have not overcome and dealt with correctly. These keep rising from the dead to haunt us and to cripple us from living a fully productive, abundant life.

This is why I’m ‘THE GOSPEL LIFE COACH.’ I try to keep people focused on what is truly important to God in our times, which is the finished work of his Son Jesus on the cross. This is revealed to us by our New Covenant GOSPEL! And the cross is not PAST! It is ever-perfect progressive!




Satan keeps us focused on the future filled with questions and unknowns. He hurts us by keeping us in fear, anxiety, stress and worry about tomorrow. Then he also keeps our ears tuned to the next possibility about the coming future end times. He keeps us much more focused on the ANTI-christ than he does on the CHRIST.


IN SUMMARY, Satan uses both of these two ways to rob us blind from allowing the truth of the glorious gospel of the finished work of Christ to saturate our minds and hearts (II Cor 4:4). Paul declares the only thing he wants to know is ‘Christ and him CRUCIFIED’ (I Cor 2:2).


He did not say Christ and him COMING because he simply knew that was a reality that would take place. The cross has been the focal point of all of history. Shouldn’t it be our focus too? We miss so much of what God is saying to us because we fail to see that part of the end times is focused on the ministry and the cross of Jesus (Heb 9:26, Heb 1:2). It doesn’t all have to do with what we think of as ‘the future.’


We Miss So Much of What God Says to Us Today!

This series of messages will hopefully cause you to think a little deeper. We shouldn’t simply be sitting and anticipating the next ‘end time theory’ to be preached from the pulpit of some end time guru – hoping this one he preaches will be more accurate than the last one. Acts 1:11 declares that Jesus is coming back. But Jesus asked, “When the Son of Man returns, will he find faith in the earth?” He doesn’t mean faith in his second coming, but faith that is living in the truth and the reality his first coming.

We Miss Experiencing Gospel Truth:
God’s Kingdom Reality

We miss the truth of the cross due to our focus on: (1) the past, (2) the future. As THE GOSPEL COACH, my goal is to help transform our faith more to what it should be: living in present reality of God’s Kingdom on earth. Jesus says, “The Kingdom is within you.” This is done without neglecting the reality, and being ignorant of the fact that Jesus will indeed return to this earth and judge it, just like he says he will.




Roger Himes


= A look at coping with the reality death, which we all must face, but in anticipation of a heaven that is more than we can think or imagine 


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